Workshops - Change Revolution
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The 5 Stages to Master The Opportunity of Change


With these 5 Stages you will learn how to use your current life circumstances to free yourself from the grip of society’s “rules” and let go of the undesirable programs and beliefs that are unconsciously running your life. You will then know what it feels like to finally align the human part of you with your Soul’s calling.


In other words, through these 5 Stages, learn how to shed who you thought you were and who you were told to be. It’s time to step into the truth and power of you who truly are at the core.


Here they are:


AWARENESS – Usually triggered by a crisis, this is when you begin to notice conversations and interactions, values and beliefs that make you feel icky inside. Become aware of what is stopping you from playing full out.


REALIZATION AND DISCOVERY – The blame game is no longer an option. You realize that only YOU can change something in YOUR life and business.


ACCEPTANCE AND LETTING GO – This is where you learn forgiveness towards yourself and others by feeling your feelings and honouring yourself and where you’re at. This is a freeing stage where you see that once you let go, everything is possible.


MOVING INTO PERSONAL POWER – You take responsibility for your past and future and most importantly take responsibility to align yourself with your Soul. Everyone and everything steps up to meet you there.


MOVING FORWARD –This is where all the hard work of stages 1-4 brings your Human life into alignment with your Soul’s purpose and it is a blissful state of being that has a positive ripple effect on everything and everyone you touch.


This is an intensely powerful self-discovery process that takes you inward to transform your everyday human life into a journey of the Soul.

The Wisdom of the Soul

When you take the Human part of you and align it with your Soul (what I call your Being-ness), there is nothing and no one who can take that power from you. But it’s a process and I have the exact 5-stage formula that will lead you through the transformation you dream of.


Every time you go through the 5 stages you revolutionize bits and pieces of your life raising your vibration each time for consistently more joyful experiences.



It’s time to evolve now.

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Join us in our 1 day interactive workshop where you will:


  • Create conscious awareness of situations, circumstances, or events that are creating your current reality
  • Learn how to use your current circumstances as an opportunity to create your life at every moment
  • Discover what gunk is holding you back from playing full out in life
  • Restore your Hope and Faith in wha tis possible
  • Experience “letting go!” (Woo! Hoo!!! Happy dance!!!)
  • Commit to moving forward in alignment with the truth of who you truly are
  • Leave with a toll that will help you integrate  at a deeper level all that you’ve  learned during the day


One of my highest values is FUN! 🙂  So yes you will learn and experience a ton and at the same time, the workshop is designed for you to integrate the teachings in a safe, relaxing and fun environment.


Date: Sept.30, 2017 from 9am to 5:00pm

Location: 269 Queen Street, Sherbrooke, Qc

Cost to attend: $89 plus tax

Lunch Time!

I strongly suggest you bring your lunch, preferably something that does not require warming up. There are places not too far where you can buy a lunch but I do not guarantee it will be healthy (McDonald’s is just beside… and a Metro supermarket).t!

What Participants Say: