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The three qualities to start your Self-Evolution journey

The three qualities to start your Self-Evolution journey


We are finally seeing it! More and more people are waking up to the fact that living life the way they are only brings more unhappiness, emptiness and feeling unfulfilled. Maybe it’s you… Do you want out of the stressful lifestyle you got yourself into? On a certain level, you “have it all”, the big car, the big house, 2-3 vacations per year but yet, you’re realizing that you’re always chasing something that never comes.

I know how it is. I was there 14 years ago. I was rocking my numbers as a sales rep, making money and going on vacation when I wanted. I also had one thing that many of us have: the shitty boss! The shitty boss drove me off the edge. I ended up on medical leave for 5 months for a burnout where I was waking up at night to hate my boss…

After 5 months, I had to do something. I couldn’t stay like this, I wanted to change but I had no clue where to start. I asked myself “what do I really want?” and “who am I really?” I had no answer… and so my journey began…

These two questions drove me to the biggest ride of my life. A ride that forever changed how I perceive and experience the world I live in. It freed me from the pressure and destruction of this world.

Through my personal experience, and various studies, courses and certifications I took, I discovered that the individuals who successfully have done their inner work – and continue doing it – of finding who they truly are and what they really want embody 3 qualities that others don’t.

Without these 3 qualities, nothing will change. You can read all the books, attend all the workshops and webinars you want, your life will stay the same, living groundhog day year after year… If you want to step into new ways of being and create the life you are meant to live, it’s time to step it up; you will discover the clarity, confidence, freedom and inner peace you’ve been longing for.

Here are the 3 qualities:

  • You have to be ready.

We often say I “want” to start the journey or “I want to change but…”. We want to change but often, at this point, what attracts us is the idea that change will bring that we want although we are not necessarily ready to do the work. It is a lot of work that requires many changes and that, in itself, can be overwhelming at the beginning. As humans, we naturally fear change. We’d rather stay in what we know than change. We will find very creative ways to avoid change. If we are not truly ready, we will resist, justify and avoid.

  • You have to be open.

Being open can be scary. It means being honest (more to come on honesty as it’s one of the biggest virtues to embody when starting this journey) and vulnerable with yourself and others. Often you’ll be working with a coach, mentor or some type of healer – because doing this work alone is a bit insane – and opening up to the deepest part of you can be terrifying. We often have emotions we don’t want to feel and experiences we don’t want to revisit.

You also have to be open to learning new ways of being. Our ego can be in the way… Being open to learn how to work with your ego and your emotions requires you to be vulnerable (lots of trust here!!!).

  • You have to be committed.

This is simple and obvious. If you’re not committed, you’ll quit. This journey is not an easy one but so worth every tear you’ll ever shed! The payoff is huge. Only those who are committed will have the joy of experiencing clarity, inner peace and true freedom, which leads to a fulfilled life.

It’s time to step into new ways of being by becoming conscious Human Beings. If you embody the 3 qualities and are ready to make the leap, reach out:


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