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The Hidden Agenda of Hurts and Losses

The Hidden Agenda of Hurts and Losses

We all go through hurts and losses; it’s part of life. The pain we experience can be a curse – which becomes suffering and it is a choice we make consciously or unconsciously to stay there.

This pain can also be a gift, a gift to our freedom. For that, we have to learn to open up and allow ourselves to feel the pain and listen to what it’s trying to tell us.

Here is a little exercise to try if you feel an emptiness inside. Ask yourself:

What am I waiting for?

What am I not receiving?

What am I constantly giving and what am I hoping to receive in exchange?

Am I staying in an unfulfilling relationship or job? One where I am not seen for my value and recognized for all I have to offer?  

Regardless of the story that created the pain, the hurt is pointing towards what needs your attention and healing so make sure to observe your answers.

The pain is not there for you to start protecting yourself and build up a wall. It’s there for you to go within and give yourself what you need. If you can’t do it alone, reach out; this is deep work that will change your life.

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