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Stop Waiting and Find Your Freedom

Stop Waiting and Find Your Freedom

I found myself waiting after a relationship to evolve. Although we were very clear about where each other stood, I had not realized that I had fallen into the “hoping” and “waiting” game. 

This is the worst place to be because I wasn’t noticing how I was settling for less and compromising what I truly wanted. I discovered that when you wait, you stagnate. This is a dangerous game because in the long run it becomes blame that then turns into resentment. And when you wait, you lose sight of what you truly want, you start compromising your dreams and desires and start justifying why you are not going after them.

You have no power in the waiting game. Everything is in the other party’s hand; your choices, opportunities to have fun, your happiness, your inner peace, your joy and even your freedom! This applies to waiting after anything whether it’s a person, a job, a relationship, anything!

It’s only after feeling a deep sense of emptiness inside that I stopped to reflect on what I was really feeling. I had to be courageous and brutally honest with myself to admit that I had fallen into an old pattern because I wanted to be  “the special one”. 

Well… to be the special one, I had to choose MYSELF FIRST and be SO SPECIAL that I would not put myself in a relationship that was not fulfilling! So I did chose myself!

I stepped into my pillar, aligned myself back with what I truly wanted and who I truly am and something magical happened. It happened naturally, without me directly working on the relationship; the other person stepped up and met me exactly where I was at and with what I wanted. 

The ease and flow that comes from alignment is effortless! 

So I encourage you to stop waiting and hoping and step into who you truly are. This is how you will find your freedom!

Hope to see you there,


P.S. Need help to get out of the waiting game and align yourself? This is my expertise 😉 

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