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The Gift of Millennials

The Gift of Millennials

For the past 4-5 months, I’ve been working a lot with millennials. To define “millennials” in an age group, they are approximately between 18 and 34 years old. Of course, this is just a range, you have older and younger people who belong to that group as well. Basically, we call them millennials because of when they were born… close to the year 2000. Being a “Millennial” is  really about the mentality and way of being. And this is exactly why I LOVE this generation…

What drives them, how they choose to experience life and how clear they are about the way the past generations have been living is just not sustainable for the Soul is astonishing. They are much more connected to their essence than we’ve ever been in thousands of years. They instinctively know how to live in such a way that will bring them peace and freedom. They are also much more connected to what I call “the unseen”… I’ll get to that later.

Being a Millenial comes with a challenge…

The challenge they have is to step into what they instinctively know… the knowing of what will bring them peace and freedom. They are currently stuck with the older generations that still glorify the intellectual power, book knowledge, the superficial ownership of “stuff”, the “money doesn’t grow on trees” mentality and the “get a real job” way of living. They have the tough mandate of co-creating our new way of being and living.

How can they do that?

I’ve been working with dozens of millenials over the past 4-5 months and what I have seen is incredible. They simply need the permission to embody what they already know.  They are already wired to understand how to work with our humanness and align it with our soul. They don’t need explanation or details, they just know! It’s like playing a game of cards you haven’t played in a long time, at first you don’t remember the rules and details but after a run or two, you’re back in the game! It’s the same with the majority of them, they simply need the permission to reconnect with their true self. Once it’s done – which happens fast – they are on a roll!

They first come to me a little desperate about where they are at, confused about how to “be” and somewhat lost about their next step. That’s mainly because what they know deep down doesn’t align with what society is asking from them… The older generation complains or criticizes the millennials for not wanting to work and they even say they want everything done for them. Yes, in some cases it’s true, but look at past generations, we had those young adults too! Now it’s more obvious and predominant as we live in an “immediate gratification” society.

What the millennials are rebelling against is not the hard work but more how and what is being demanded of them. Our current way of working is not made to get the optimal performance from a human being, Millennials instinctively know that, which is why in companies run by  Millennials, you will find ping pong and mississippi tables, rest areas and kitchens with food provided for employees. They can work out of their home or the coffee shop around the corner. As long as the job is done – and done well – bosses don’t mind! This generation is much more connected to their values and what is important to them, they want to build memories and connection. They want to have impact and are very conscious of the environment.

But overall, what I’ve seen is that once they have permission and have connected with their essence, Millennials worry less and have more faith. They naturally have more confidence in their abilities and in the future. They know there’s more to life than what we can see with the eyes and this is where the difference is… They believe. We simply have to give them the space and permission to be themselves. They can teach us a lot.

If you are a Millennial or have the Millennial mentality and feel stuck, confused or overwhelmed, reach out, book your discovery session here, I would love working with you!!!

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