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“I really want to express what Julie Anne has helped me achieve in the past 4 months we have been working together. I would like to explain with specific examples because I would love for people to fully understand the process that so far has changed my life.

One thing that Julie Anne has helped me with thus far with is shifting my perspective on certain things. A big one for me is how I viewed emotions, specifically crying. I came to Julie Anne with a deep belief that I could not allow myself to cry and if I did I was weak and unstable. All she had me do the first week, as homework, was journal solely about the act of crying, and what crying means to me and how I viewed it in general. This taught me two things, for one just writing about something and bringing awareness to it can shed light on an entire aspect of yourself you didn’t even know existed so basically she taught me the importance of journaling. It also taught me that the way I viewed crying was not right, for me anyway. What journaling about crying did was made me realize what I needed to learn, instead of her just saying it and then me taking it in and it getting lost somewhere in my brain. As Julie Anne says it is about integration, and integrating these aspects, so that’s what was done in just the first week with her. I integrated this new belief about crying simply by bringing awareness to it. A whole new world opened up and now I take the time to cry and let out my emotions when needed. Sometimes all you need is someone from the outside with extensive knowledge about energy and spirituality and a ton of life experience to really get you to see things the way they are.

Another belief I came to Julie Anne with was ‘I don’t know what to do with my life and I have no purpose”. What she guided me into understanding is that there is more to life than looking for your purpose, yes that’s important but getting to know yourself is key before getting to those answers. Julie Anne has helped me discover my natural abilities I didn’t realize I had and keep in mind she is intuitive and can read your energy so she knows exactly what resonates with you and what doesn’t, sometimes even more than yourself. She helped me discover my natural ability for leadership, and the impact dance has on others and on myself. She made me realize that meditation in the traditional sense of sitting down and breathing was not something that resonated with me and that I can connect fully with my higher self through dance. That to me was an amazing realization because it is so personal and so me and I would have never come to that conclusion by myself. So just by learning that I am able to access a deeper level of myself by doing something that sets my heart on fire, dance.

Since starting with Julie Anne, I have healed some deep childhood traumas, stepped out of my comfort zone (for me it was going out and doing things alone, like taking a dance class or going to a jazz bar for a drink), I have reconnected with my mother, I have made big steps in my life like quitting a job I had been wanting to quit for a long time, and as she would stay I have learned to step into my power and know my worth and love myself. She has taught me to think about what values I want to live by. I am learning how to connect with my higher self, my soul and my guides. She has helped me tear down limiting beliefs that I’ve held on to for a big part of my life and helped me understand energy and how it works so I can apply it to my life in all aspects. She really knows what she is doing. I look back 4 months ago and the progress I have made in my attitude and in my perspectives is truly astonishing. I have been doing inner work for at least 6 years now and I have made more progress with Julie Anne in this short amount of time than I have with anyone else. Practical and real is how she keeps it. I can go on and on but I will end it here so you can find out for yourself how amazing this experience is.” – Julie