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What does sharing really mean? I am more specifically talking about sharing in a relationship, but sharing is sharing so this concept can apply to any kind of sharing.

Here is what I am discovering.

It takes a strong and emotionally balanced person to share deeply and consciously. Sharing an experience or sharing part of yourself with someone means exchanging and exposing yourself to another on a deep level, knowing your value and what you have to offer.

It requires you to know what you want and don’t want, what is ok with you and what is not and what your boundaries are. And of course, you need to be willing to be vulnerable and open.

Here is where the magic happens… in receiving.

When you share, you give, and when you give to someone who is able and open to receive, the person receiving automatically and immediately gives back to you exponentially what you gave. And the loop goes on, you offered something and it is given back and experienced by both parties.

So the real question is “Are you ready to receive what you give?”

We can be intimidated by the power of what we truly want to share. We often hear people say “I want a nice romantic relationship, one where we connect and share at a deep level”. We want the happiness and the love but what we REALLY have to look at is how ready are we to share and receive these experiences with someone?

Are you the person you need to be to experience sharing on a deep level?

I remember realizing I was not ready to receive what I was claiming I wanted.  I was scared and didn’t know how to let it in and had no clue where to let it land. It shocked me as I was feeling the need for connecting on a deep level and that was the issue.

I was looking for an external connection to fill me up. I had to fill the void myself, get to know the path, the feeling, and experience the fullness of my power before knowing what I had to share and having a space to receive it back.

Before integrating that, I was not ready to give and receive what I said I wanted.

Sharing with someone in a healthy way requires us to be balanced, to be strong in who we are and know what we have to offer. It means we are not looking for someone to heal us or fill a void or to free us from something. Or, if we want to be with someone because we feel like saving them or because we feel we can heal them in a way, balance is lost and one becomes a giver and the other a taker.

Here’s a simple and blunt tip to experience a relationship based on conscious sharing: Take responsibility for your shit, heal yourself, become the person you need to be to stand in your personal power.

If you need help getting there, I can help you through private coaching (click here to book your session) or learn and experience the 5 Stages of Conscious Evolution group coaching program.

Looking forward to seeing you on the other side!

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