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Integration of a New Level of Awareness

Integration of a New Level of Awareness

Today, two clients of mine – one after the other – integrated new levels of awareness. They tuned in to the fact that everything is created with the energy you emanate and that energy comes from the deep programs, beliefs and patterns hidden in your unconscious.  They understood that every choice they made so far in their life (from who they hang out with, what field they work in and its environment, to where they live, what they’ve accomplished, etc.) all stem from the energy these deep unconscious beliefs and programs emit.

They understood that their past choices and decisions came from the mindset that was partly imposed on them. Beliefs and programs that were passed down through generations which dictated how they perceived, experienced and responded to what was happening in their life.  They clicked on the realization that if they changed these beliefs and programs that were not aligned with the truth of who they are, that they would experience something very different.

They made peace with their past choices and actions.

They owned that they chose to experience – consciously or not – what they did in their lives up until now and that they can choose something different from now on.

When you own your past, you stop being a victim and stop blaming and judging others or yourself which means you can start changing something.

This “owning” gave them the freedom and space to focus on what they wanted instead of what they didn’t want. They stepped into their power to choose.

Make no mistake, this power comes with a warning… there are no more excuses or blaming possible after you take that step! You know it’s time to be REALLY honest with yourself about:

  • What you want.
  • The motive behind why you do what you do and,
  • Where you want to go.

It’s about standing in your power and owning your past, present and future.

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