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How Confusion and Being Stuck Can Help You

How Confusion and Being Stuck Can Help You

Have you ever gone on weeks or even months of confusion and feeling stuck or had a hard time choosing the “right” thing to do or “getting off your ass” to do something? I promise you, you’re not alone. Regardless of whether or not you have done a lot of inner work to clear destructive programs, beliefs and patterns, it’s common to feel this way and there could be more than one reason for that…

1- You know what your soul wants, but the human you wants to experience something else and you’re not ready to give that up.

This is one of the most difficult places to be because you may want to experience “human things”. What are “human things”?? It can be as simple as calling in sick at work because you want a day off to spend with a friend or being in a relationship that is not really serving you but is fun. Or even spending big money on something not necessary just because you want it when you know it’s not the right thing. What the “human you wants” is about immediate gratification VS long term fulfilment.

There is nothing wrong with choosing immediate gratification as long as you are honest with yourself about your motive. Make a conscious choice.

I’m saying this specifically for those of us who have done ‘inner work” on ourselves and think that we “shouldn’t” follow the human path. There are experiences as humans that are there to teach us a lot and without them, we wouldn’t evolve or learn what we are here to learn. 

2- You’re simply not ready to choose.

This is pretty simple. Once you recognise that you are stuck or confused, you can acknowledge it and you can consciously choose to stay there, move slowly or change things in their track. If you’re not ready to choose, maybe you need to understand something that hasn’t been uncovered. Or maybe you’re not at peace with something. 

Be patient: patience is a virtue that can make the process smoother as it takes the pressure off and alleviates the confusion of the feeling of being stuck.

3- You simply don’t understand the guidance. 

We all receive guidance, whether you hear your intuition or you have a gut feeling or you get messages in other ways. If you don’t understand the guidance, it’s time to get help and learn. I strongly encourage you to learn from someone who is qualified. Trying to do this kind of work alone or with the wrong person can be more damaging than useful! 

If you’re someone who knows how to differentiate the guidance, you may still get stuck because sometimes you simply don’t know how to do what is asked and you need to learn from it. And other times the guidance you are receiving is not what you want to hear. 

This brings us back a little to #1, but with a slight difference because you’re not resisting it, you just don’t like it and maybe even don’t want it. 

4- You are asked to level up

This requires discipline and effort. Moving up to the next level can be hard and scary! You might find yourself stuck in resistance. It is essential to surround yourself with the right people to support you and to develop a routine that aligns with your new way of being.

Being confused and/or stuck is part of being Human. It’s how we choose to deal with the confusion that makes all the difference and dictates the experience of our life. If you need help navigating this experience, book your session here.

See you on the other side, 

Julie Anne

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