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Does this sound like you?


  • You’ve attended various courses, programs, and trainings, and have read numerous books, but you keep butting up against the same blocks and ‘real world problems’;


  • Deep down you know that there has to be a more powerful, effective and soulful way to live every day, without surrendering your authenticity, sacrificing your time, energy and values, or feeling so alone;


  • You feel you’ve had some kind of wake up call and are being drawn to serve a deeper and more meaningful purpose – to help others heal or transform and/or to connect, create and thrive;


  • You’re ready and willing to step up, take responsibility for the energy that’s affecting your own life, and become part of the solution…


If one or more of these statements ring true for you, then you’re already a part of the Conscious Revolution.

And, in case you hadn’t noticed, you also happen to be participating in the
biggest wake up call that humanity has ever experienced

Thanks to social media, change seems to be happening at warp speed. The level of global visibility and connectivity we’ve created brings with it a new level of awareness and empathy for ourselves, of other people and of the world around us.


We see the results of our previous actions (and inactions), we watch as our planet and as humanity as a whole suffer the consequences, and we see how separate most of us have become…

And if we’re honest – really honest –

we’ll admit that even when

we know something is desperately wrong,

we’re still playing by ‘The Rules’…

Because what choice have we got?

There Is An Easier Way…

When you understand and accept all of yourself – your human-ness and your being-ness – your experience and perception of your world suddenly shifts… You step into new ways of being!

  • Life starts to make sense.
  • You light up the room when you walk into it.
  • You have more confidence in your decision-making.
  • You know with a capital K when something aligns with the core of your being and when it doesn’t.
  • And you have the courage to make choices that align with the truth of who you are.


We see the results of our previous actions (and inactions), we watch as our planet and as humanity as a whole suffer the consequences, and we see how separate most of us have become…

And you become part of the solution that our world so desperately needs.


So if you’re ready for a REAL change, then it’s time to get back to basics and understand:


  • WHAT exactly your human-ness and being-ness are
  • WHY your efforts so far haven’t been sustainable
  • HOW you can consciously choose to take responsibility for the energy that’s affecting your personal results, and
  • Find true meaning in your life


The thing is, after working with hundreds of people just like you from around the world, I know that when people get to a place in their lives where they are truly ready to change, they do. And I know that when you reach that place of surrender and willingness to look inside, your life will change, too.


But it can’t be me telling you that it’s time to do it now. You have to want it. You have to be ready open and committed.

I can help you break through the patterns of beliefs and stuck-ness that keeps getting in the way of

So if you’re ready, I will help you. You just have to join me on The Bridge.

I’ve put together The Bridge, a 6 months program designed to educate and support you in your Change Revolution(TM) process. It will transform the way you see  and experience your whole life. By the end of it, you’ll see the endless possibilities of what you can create for your life – and you’ll have an action plan to get there.

The Bridge is the first step on your path of inner awakening… a path where you will learn what it means to live in alignment with your soul; a path where you will uncover how the society has shaped your beliefs and behaviours, keeping you small; You will begin to explore the truth behind what is holding you back so that you can step into new ways of being.

So if you’re ready, I’d like to invite you to join me.


During the 12 sessions you will:


    • Identify what is holding you down and learn how to release it
    • Gain clarity and step into who you truly are
    • Integrate, at a visceral level, a knowing-ness of your contribution to humanity
    • Open up to the flow of consciousness within you
    • Master one key practice that will revolutionize the way you handle stressful situations
    • Gain confidence, overcome procrastination, take risks, and act in spite of fear
    • Identify what is most meaningful to you, and put together a concrete action plan to get there
    • Align your actions with your inner-knowing so that EVERY choice you make, is a conscious one
    • And much more…



And it all takes place in the comfort of your own home with the exception of 2 live groups meeting with other 1-1 participants in the coaching process.


What You Get:


✓   An Energy Leadership Assessment and debrief to see how you are reacting to life’s circumstances. With this alone, you’ll identify your reaction patterns, what triggers you, and the blocks that keeps popping up in your life so that you can change your perception of the world around you.

✓   12 hours of personalized one on one coaching each session covers a very specific topic that is tailored to your particular needs to help you create enormous shifts in your life. The sessions are designed to help you integrate the transformation of your self-evolution journey.


  • Lesson summaries to help reinforce the content between sessions.
  • Exercises and tools to integrate and put what you learn into practice.
  • Change Revolution™ “30 Days To Creating Your Personal Freedom” journal


✓   A very specific action plan, upon completion, so that you know where you’re going and why, but perhaps even more importantly, HOW you’re going to get there.


Why meet twice in person with other participants in The Bridge Program?

Often some of the most insightful experiences and awakening moments happen when we are in the presence of other people. Here’s why we chose to offer The Bridge in small groups of no more than 15 people:


  • Deeper learning occurs (think ‘ah-ha moments’) when we hear the stories and experiences of others
  • When we vocalize our commitments to a group, we are more likely to keep them
  • The connections made between group members are invaluable, and
  • Why should we always have to do this stuff alone?

Our next live meeting is in October 2017 

12 session (2 sessions per month recommended)

$1,750 plus tax

* payment plan available

When you’re ready to wake up happy, enjoy the inner peace and freedom you’ve been longing for, I can help you. And I’d love to. Click below to register or email me for more information.

Space is limited. Reserve Your Spot.