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Change in Vibration

Change in Vibration

Many are noticing time speed up and wondering if it is normal. I know I often hear people say “It’s already June! It seems like yesterday we were in March!” This phenomenon seems to be more present among those who have decided to hop on the journey of self-evolution. I am not saying that those who are not on that journey yet are not feeling time speeding up. What I am saying is that those of us on that journey are much more aware and conscious to the fact that we are moving through life faster.

It seems like our demons are coming up one after the other and they are coming fast! Just look back one year from today;
Where were you in your life?
What has changed since?
Who have you become?

For many, our lives are very different. It might even seem like another life! The point is that as you move through change (conscious change preferably) and release your gunk, time speeds up. Your vibration is increasing as you release what was weighing you down.

This happens as Mother Earth is also moving through a massive shift in vibration. We are presently in a 3D world moving to 5D (D stands for density). I am not going to expand on the 3D vs 5D, but in a nutshell, what it means is that we need to become lighter and vibrate higher in order to follow Mother Earth.  This is what is pushing us to look at our shit and do our inner work.

The way we are experiencing it in our everyday life is through conflict, loss or pain in some way shape or form. It can be conflict in relationships, with money, or with ourselves. You can be experiencing feeling drained, tired, angry, frustrated, annoyed, confused, etc. These emotions are simply pointing to what needs to be addressed and released for the gunk to be released and your vibration to increase.

What we do not like as humans is that if we choose to release that destructive energy, our lives change dramatically. In general, humans do not deal well with change. We resist it and we hang on to what we know (even if it does not serve us. If it is familiar, we know how to deal with it so it is ok).  Relationships might end, you might have to change jobs, move to another place, face financial loss or health challenges. Regardless of how change shows up in your life, how you will choose to face it and respond to it and learn from it will be the defining factor. Insecurities might come up and self-doubt and unworthiness might surface. But remember that as weird as it may sound, it is a great thing! It is coming up because you cannot bring that vibration with you in the 5D world. It is coming up to be embraced and released. The veil we have been covered with for thousands of years is slowly being pulled back.

As the unworthiness, self-doubt and fears are released, a new perspective emerges.  A world that is very different, one that is peaceful, calm, where you experience clarity, know your contribution and are accepted and “needed” for your Truth.

This new world is emerging. The more of us moving through our shit (or gunk) and the more we can assist others move through theirs, this New World will emerge faster. It is like a ball full of mud will spin slower as it is heavy but as the spinning ball shakes away the mud, it starts spinning faster because it is lighter and carries less gunk. This is exactly what is happening to us, the more Humans are releasing their gunk, the faster we spin (or vibrate) and the faster we will move into this New World.

All this to explain why we are experiencing time speeding up. We are increasing our vibration and making space for more with less resistance. We can accomplish more in less time!

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