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Julie Anne Christoph has the kind of rare magic that makes you feel instantly at ease by the way her energy and presence acknowledge the incredible potential in every human being. She carries an inner knowing that has guided her carefully throughout each step of her life, that allows her to create a space of non-judgment no matter how uncomfortable the circumstances and always restores hope and trust that the Universe is weighted in our favor after all. 


Her deep love and commitment to consciousness means Julie Anne genuinely believes that absolutely everyone has the capacity to move beyond barriers and achieve their highest ideals if they truly want to. This belief, combined with her practical wisdom and a highly energetic approach to whatever she does, leaves people wanting to be a part of whatever Julie Anne is involved in.


Her first big entrepreneurial success putting her love of consciousness into action was in supporting people to become more conscious about their health and fitness as a Franchisee for Curves International in 2004. After experiencing burn out from her previous sales job and using exercise as way to stimulate and release positive energy, Julie Anne felt compelled to share the benefits that she’d experienced from exercise with other women.


In this role, her ability to naturally inspire her students to see the best in themselves and drive towards the full achievement of their potential ensured her member participation soared to 880+ people and catapulted her through the ranks to first become a mentor and then Area Director for the Region of Quebec, in less than two years.

After hiring a coach to develop her own skills and determination even further, a practice and commitment to continued growth that remains very much alive today, Julie Anne immediately fell in love with a profession that was focused entirely on supporting people to consciously achieve their potential. She subsequently pioneered the development of consciousness coaching in Canada by purchasing the first international license for the world’s No.1 internationally accredited, professional coach training school.

Over her 5 years as the Canadian Country School Director, her natural passion and enthusiasm for raising consciousness attracted hundreds of individuals to join the path of self-discovery. She trained over 450 coaches, in the coaching program that is based on energy and consciousness. Her ability to also remain positive in the face of many challenges during this period and to reach deep into her and tap into reserves she hardly knew were there continually inspired those who witnessed her journey. This remarkable authenticity and ability to make everyone she connects with feel seen and important, created strong bonds and lasting connections between her and many of her students that continue even to this day.



Julie Anne is a true change catalyst in every sense of the word. She loves nothing more than sharing her message of conscious living as a spiritual coach, speaker, workshop facilitator, and bestselling author. Throughout her journey, it became obvious to Julie Anne that humanity is evolving into new ways of Being and she wanted to be part of the change.


She contributes to Humanities’ evolution by teaching, decoding and translating to her clients the tools we were given has humans (A.K.A. our emotions, ego, intuition) to help them navigate their lives and align their Humanness with their Being-ness (soul). In other words, Julie Anne helps individuals step into the truth and power of who they truly are. She founded Change Revolution™ as a bridge to new ways of being


Depending on where you are in your own evolution you will seek different learning’s.
These experts are here to help you Evolve consciously.

Lisa LaJoie - Spiritual Strategist

As a certified life coach, Business intuitive and Spiritual Life Strategist and teacher, Lisa is able to tap into the energies and higher guides, ask the right questions to them to strategize and accelerate your transformations into success and actionable insights. She works best with Spiritual seekers and business owners tap into their brilliance and watch them unfold. There is nothing woowoo or wishy washy about the way she works and the results come with very little effort and lots of reward. In addition to Psychic Medium readings and one on one coaching, she also offers a revolutionary brand of spiritual teaching and transformations truth breakthroughs to large groups of all kinds. Utilizing those lifelong gifts of heightened intuition, Lisa LaJoie is a dynamic force who helps her clients channel their inner power so they can find happiness and ignite their success in life, love, and business.


Lisa’s offer: 30 days of Intuitive Biz Mentoring and evolution.

As your professional business intuitive + leadership strategist, in these coaching and strategy sessions Lisa takes her job serious, she understands the passion and stresses that come with business development, she believes it’s her job to tune in – to you, your business, and your personal goals and projects to guide you in attaining your success. She is driven by results and intends to help you gain full access to personal power and create the abundant business you want.

Look, all Lisa needs to know is if you are ready to create a soul based business that you love. If you are a “yes” then take a look at her exclusive offer to you just because you a part of the change revolution. Check this out: for 30 days of intuitive business strategy you will get a $500.00 saving. Click here to read more about how Lisa’s business intuitive + strategy works or if you are feeling called to buy it then go right here and let the magic begin exclusive offer.

Julie Habart-Tiberghien and Hypno-Confiance

Julie Habart-Tiberghien is a hypnosis and mental training coach.
She specializes in personal and professional development, helping her clients to thrive. Whether in a clinical, corporate or athletic setting, she works with clients daily to guide, support and develop the human potential hidden at the heart of each individual.
Happiness, engagement in life, and pleasure are at the core of her passion to help each person become their best self every day. This is why, in 2015 she founded Hypno-Confiance, which brings together training, workshops and coaching services.

With 15 years of experience in corporate environments, and with a considerable athletic background, Julie turned toward personal growth and development in order to help people achieve their full potential, push their boundaries and challenge their limiting beliefs.

Low self-confidence, wellbeing, efficiency increase and full potential achievement are but a few of the reasons to consult with her.
Thought specialist, she uses hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, and coaching to help you develop your best self.

Julie also teaches auto-hypnosis so her clients can work on their own with the powerful mental tools of Hypnosis.

Elena Hinova CPC

I believe that authentic and confident vulnerable leaders can inspire immense change in the corporate world. Leaders who love what they do and believe that they can change their organizations by changing themselves, and by standing behind what they believe in. My passion is to help, develop and support leaders and entrepreneurs in their unique journeys. The reason why I consciously choose to leave my corporate career and become a professional coach. By doing what I love to do I create the domino effect and make a greater impact in the world – one leader at a time, one organization at a time.

Annette Sharpe - Life Coach

Annette Sharpe is a life coach, culture builder, and certified Sacred Gifts Guide. She uses the concept of Sacred Gifts to help her clients step into the Truth of who they are, by helping them to identify the gifts that have been placed within them, and to realign with their inner knowing. Using the Feel On Purpose Formula, developed by Monique MacDonald, Annette has helped individuals, high level executives, small groups and corporate teams to identify their gifts, activate them in their personal lives and workplace, and ignite passion back into their everyday lives. She is the founder and Senior Coach with Growing For Success, has personally coached over 250 individuals around the globe, has been featured on various radio shows and has her work published in print and online media. Her heart though, is in getting the message of Sacred Gifts out there so that more people step into their authenticity and understand how to bring their inner ‘being’ into an outer-world expression of themselves.


The concept of Sacred Gifts™ is a timeless piece of knowledge that can be traced back to many (if not all) spiritual teachings and religions. The fact that we have gifts that have been placed within us is not a new idea. But taking all of the religion and dogma OUT of the equation and making it available to everyone, is fresh. And we (as a society) are finally ready to dig a little deeper to get to know ourselves in an entirely new way.


Discerning your Sacred Gifts™ and expressing them into the world is not a 6 step process or a ‘formula for success’ to change your life… it’s a way of being.


And by ‘being’ truly you, your life WILL change.


There are 24 Sacred Gifts™, divided into 6 different groups and most people have more than one. In fact, most people have somewhere between 4 and 6 Sacred Gifts™ – but the number isn’t important. What is important is that your unique combination of gifts has been placed within you for a reason (or many reasons).


Knowing your gifts is like being given a combination lock to your soul.


With this information, you’ll be better equipped to figure out if what you’re doing is ‘right’ for you or if it’s time for change.


Click here to Discover Your Sacred Gifts