5 Stages of Conscious Evolution - Change Revolution
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5 Stages of Conscious Evolution

The 5 Stages was co-created after I noticed that all my clients were going through the same process while moving through their own transformation. I started to break it down and the 5 Stages was born!  It became obvious that the more I was breaking down what was happening in their lives and how they got to the place they are at, I was helping them understand their patterns, programs, beliefs and emotions.  They had less resistance and they were able to shift much faster and with more flow.


For the past 9 years, I have been working with this process and perfecting it. Now, it is time to share this process with the world so others can assist their clients with the alignment of their humanness and the truth of who the client truly is or simply share it with individuals who are ready, open and committed to transforming themselves to live their best life yet. I believe that with the more of us doing this work, the faster the energy of Humanity will rise for a new way of being to emerge.


Whether you are a coach, conscious practitioner or someone committed to their own transformation, this process will equip you with skills, tools and concepts to guide you or your clients in uncovering the core of what is causing the blockages, help forgive, accept, let go and move forward in full alignment.


I will teach you how to use the current life circumstances and energy to bring clarity, confidence and inner peace into their life.

With these 5 Stages you will learn how to free your clients or yourself from the grip

of society’s “rules” and let go of the undesirable patterns that are

unconsciously running their life.

This transformative course is designed for individuals who wish to step into the power of who they truly are and for coaches and holistic practitioners who want to help their clients evolve and access the next level in their lives.


This course is for individuals, coaches and practitioners:

  • Who are looking for an effective way to bring deep and sustainable transformation.
  • Whose clients are coming to them because they want to play at the next level.
  • Who are ready, open and committed to change but are simply confused and overwhelmed.
  • Who want to bring an edge to their work life.
  • Who want to add skills and tools to their tool belt.
  • Who want to understand, at a deep level, what creates the experience and perception of the world.
  • Who want to learn how to walk their clients through forgiveness and have them take responsibility at a core .


You have to be ready to:

  • Go through the process yourself.
  • Look at your own emotional blocks and patterns or what I call “gunk .
  • Be completely honest.
  • Play bigger in your own life.
  • Bring transformation at a core level in people’s



When you take the Human part of you and align it with your Soul (what I call your Being-ness), there is nothing and no one who can take that power from you. This is a process and I have the exact 5-stage formula that will help you lead your clients through the transformation they dream of to become the best version of themselves.

What you get in the training:

  • 2 day live intensive training.
  • You will be part of a private/secret Facebook group where we are there to exchange, share and support each other.
  • Access to me through the secret Facebook group. I will pop in with live videos and answer questions.
  • Coaching demos with participants using real life circumstances throughout the training.
  • 1 x private coaching sessions with me on a topic of your choice.


2 day intensive:

  • Overview of old paradigms and their influence on society and individuals.
  • Digging into the 5 Stages through experiential exchanges and teachings.
  • Learn how destructive programs and limiting beliefs are created and how to release them.
  • Learn how attachments, emotions and ego are keeping us stuck in the “story” of our life.
  • Learning skills and practices to move through a deep transformation.

Setting clarity, a solid foundation and a new direction to move forward with clients.

Date: April 6th-7th, 2019

Cost: $800

Early Bird Pricing: $650 (ends March 22nd)


The Mastery of the Stages comes from the 5 x live 2.5 hour sessions.

This Mastery course is for coaches, holistic practitioners and conscious leaders who already have clients and want to add a new process to their tool belt.

What you will learn in the Mastery:


Stage 1 Awareness – Live session #1:

  • How to work with patience.
  • How to identify patterns.
  • Evaluate what your clients are ready for in terms of transformation.
  • How to break down information and educate your client so they can understand what is causing them to be stuck or repeat history.
  • How the virtue of patience (virtue #1) comes into play and how to use it with your clients.
  • How to recognize and understand energy blocks and how to move through them.


Stage 2  Discovery and Realization  Live session #2:

  • Learn to hold space for your client so that they can feel comfortable being honest with themselves (virtue #2: honesty!)
  • How perception is shaped.
  • How to guide your client in deep inner work.
  • Learn how the ego is of service to our humanity.
  • How attachments are holding us back and how to assist your clients in releasing the hold attachments have on them.


Stage 3 Acceptance and Letting Go  Live session #3:

  • How to work with resistance.
  • How to identify protection mechanisms.
  • What true forgiveness is.
  • How to guide your clients through true forgiveness.


Stage 4 Moving into Personal Power – Live session #4

  • What does responsibility mean.
  • How to help your client step into aligned and conscious ACTION.
  • How courage and vulnerability can assist your clients (virtue #4).
  • How to work with the push and pull between humanness and Being-ness (or Soul if you prefer).


Stage 5 Moving Forward  Live session #5

  • What being aligned means.
  • How to teach your client to stay consciously aligned.
  • How to enjoy life while staying humble after all this amazing work!

Mastery Cost: $749

Date: TBA

It is time to evolve now.

  • How to create conscious awareness of situations, circumstances, or events in that are creating the current reality of your clients’ lives.
  • How to use your client’s “story” (or current circumstances) to dig for the core patterns that are creating their perception of the world.
  • To connect the dots between the story and reality.
  • To help your clients make peace within themselves.
  • To help your clients move forward in alignment with the Truth of who they really are.


I’m ready to bring true transformation to my clients,

Get me started!

Here is a snapshot of what past participants have to say:

I am learning a methodology (the Five Stages of Conscious Evolution) for helping people reach their goals, feeling better, getting past obstacles… so I spent most of Saturday with the creator and teacher Julie Ann Christophe, as well as some amazing classmates. We all had our own personal breakthroughs in starting to learn how to use the process (which will be broken down in more detail as we go on in the course). Julie Ann is an engaging teacher, clearly conveying some complex ideas, and is amazing to watch in action as she cuts through layers to get to the real issues and beliefs about whatever is going on in a person’s life, but always stressed the importance of recognizing where a person is at, meeting them there, and not trying to push anything that a person might not be ready to receive yet.  

So looking forward to this course… it essentially takes some of what I did to help individuals move forward in the Chronic Disease and Chronic Pain Self-Management Course and goes even deeper.

Later that evening, I was able to use some of what I learnt to help my husband make his own realization and be able to start letting go of a situation for his own peace of mind.

– Traci Williams


I decided to take the Life Coach course after having been coached by Julie. I was very impressed with her approach, her professionalism, her energy and her effective method of coaching to the point where I wanted to be a coach too. Julie focuses on conscious coaching, helping people become aware of what they are experiencing  and providing the fundamental element of wanting to change is in place, personal evolution is inevitable with Julie. The course offers plenty of information, practice time and flexibility to fit into our busy schedules. Julie adapted her course to suit different needs and made herself very available to answer questions and better guide us. What I have discovered while taking this course is all the work I ended doing on myself. I call it a gift I can use for this  endless journey. It also provided me with tools and awareness for my day-to-day and when dealing with different situations whether at work or in my personal life. I highly recommend Julie whether as a coach or as a teacher. Challenge yourself, it is worth the ride!!!

– Doris Di Blasio

Hi, this is Julie Anne Christoph. I am a life catalyst and conscious messenger. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been passionate about how human perceive and experience life. I started meditating at 9 years old and have always been connected to something greater then myself.  For the past 9 years, I’ve brought that connection and passion to the next level and I finally decided to listen to my life’s purpose and make it a priority or a way of life. I have done extensive inner work, studied coaching and different modalities to support what I’m passionate about and what I believe in. I continuously invest in my personal transformation and evolution in order to serve in the way I am meant to serve. I take this responsibility seriously and have learnt to keep it fun and fascinating!

I successfully operated a Coach Training School for 5 years where I trained over 450 individuals in the coaching process. I also owned a successful Curves franchise for two years where I inspired 880 members to take care of themselves and live healthy lives.  My drive always comes from something greater then me. I believe I am a catalyst for hope and transformation.


I am proud to say that although I have more to learn, with discipline and dedication, I am approaching the Mastery level (if there is such a thing!)!  I am here to serve; serving you is an honour.