Change Revolution | What does it mean to live a spiritual life?
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What does it mean to live a spiritual life?

What does it mean to live a spiritual life?

Many people I speak with have the perception or belief that living a spiritual life has to do with a higher power and angels. They think they have to believe or practice something that has to do with spirits. This is true if you choose to believe in unseen forces, but living a spiritual life is much simpler than that.  It is about being the REAL YOU. This is easy to say, but complicated to do, especially when we grew up in a society that looks to conform everything and constantly wants to control people.

To me, living a spiritual life is about taking your power back and not about letting society or even a « higher power » dictate what happens to you. It is not about leaving it to « It » to bring me the experiences I should have in my life. It is not about the “love and light” and the pink sky.  Living a spiritual life is about taking charge of your life, living in alignment with who you truly are and living from your own power source. In order to do this you need to be brutally honest with yourself and look at the hold society and the people around you have on you. What ideas, beliefs, roles, people are you attached to? It is not about judging yourself or others, it is about becoming aware of how unconscious beliefs and programs – that often comes from society, parents, teachers, bosses and past experiences – are running your life and are dictating how you should feel and behave in a way that is not in alignment with what you truly want, what you truly love and who you truly are.

We are humans and we are in charge of our own life. The key is to not let the “human us” take over and let emotions and ego run the show and fall into the story of what is happening before our eyes. Remember that the “human us” – the one that is unconscious and often stuck in the story –  was built over time and is carrying beliefs and programs that do not belong to us. They came from our parents who told us we did not deserve the new bike because we did not do our chores or they come from society who wants us to obey and conform because it is easier to control everyone. These unconscious programs and limiting beliefs can come from your 4th grade teacher who told you that she/he would not answer your questions because it was up to you to listen. One little action or word can have a long lasting impact on someone without even realizing it. Sometimes the imprints are so deep that we start to believe them and live our entire life according to that program not realizing it is keeping us small until – we finally wake up.

I remember at the start of my journey back in 2003, I did not know who I was. I did not know what it meant to live from my own power source. I did not even know there was a “human side” and “a soul side”.  I knew every human had a soul, but we live in a society that tells us to ask someone else for help, (whether it is your parents, friends, God, your spiritual guides, anyone). I did not realize that my own soul and higher self were there to guide me and that I already had access to the answers within me. Often our human side does not want to hear the answer our soul has for us. The human us wants something different.  It is easier to ask “someone else” and if it does not work out, we can blame them! That is what I was doing… and it had to stop if I wanted to step into the essence of who I truly was.

I now know that living a spiritual life is about aligning the human part of me with my soul. It is about Being the Truth of who I truly am by letting go of all the beliefs and programs that are not my own and are keeping me small and preventing me from being happy. I can get to those programs by following my GPS – or my emotions – who is always there to show me the way.  It is about looking at my fears, doubts, shame, anger, etc. and moving through the process of forgiveness, acceptance and letting go.

This process made space for the essence of who I truly am to emerge. It brought me so much clarity, inner peace, confidence, power and happiness!

How ready are you to start the process? What does it take to let that real you emerge? Are you ready for clarity, inner peace, confidence, and fun?

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