5 Stages of Conscious Leadership - Change Revolution
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5 Stages of Conscious Leadership

Want to better understand your employees and see them happy working with/for you?


The “demand and command” way of leading is not working anymore. The best way to get the most out of your employees or team members is to make them feel seen, heard and understood. How do you do that? By INSPIRING THEM.



What kind of leader are you?


Many corporations and organizations are treating their employees very well, offering good salary, great benefits and nice vacation time. Some organizations are succeeding in engaging their employees, but engagement is not enough… employees need to be inspired and that comes from leaders.

On a certain level, many leaders and employees are still operating on the old belief system of “demand and command” and “obey and conform”. That way of thinking creates an unconscious conflict between what organizations and their workers truly want and how they currently operate.


Nowadays, individuals need fulfillment, they need to feel connected to something and they unconsciously want to feel seen, heard and understood.


If the leaders do not naturally know how to set the tone, connect with others, help employees develop their inner resources and guide a team towards the company’s vision, employees lose interest and fall on auto-pilot.


The way we lead has to change

The struggle we are facing is simple: we were never taught how to “tap into our greatness” and make employees feel unique. How do you link an individual’s mission to the company’s overall purpose?


The majority of us do not know what our gifts and talents are. In fact, most of us have some kind of belief of “not being good enough” in some way.


  • SO, how do you change the old “demand and command” leadership style?
  • How do you make employees feel seen, heard and understood?
  • And most importantly, how do you lead in an inspiring way?


By helping leaders become aware of their natural gifts and talents and by building upon those strengths. Leaders also need to be open to look at their current patterns preventing them from leading in an inspiring way and to be ready to let them go.


This work requires commitment and openness. Through workshops, one-on-one coaching and sharing, leaders can achieve greatness and bring great results in terms of productivity and increase the bottom line.


With the 5 Stages of Conscious Leadership Training, your leaders will not only learn but also experience:

  • What their natural gifts and talents are.
  • What could be stopping them from sharing their natural gifts and talents.
  • What it takes to take full responsibility for their action/inaction.
  • How to let their natural leadership abilities surface.
  • How to express their real intentions and concerns.
  • How to listen authentically.
  • Give employees or team member the space needed to express themselves and shine.
  • How to make employees feel seen, heard and understood.
  • Seek input without feeling “threatened”.
  • Instill confidence and trust in the team.
  • Move through change with fluidity.

It is time to create a culture of inspired leaders and bring out the greatness in each other!


Inspired employees give much more than those who are simply engaged in their work. The ripple effect of inspired employees goes far beyond what we can imagine!

Program delivery:


1 x 1-hour Individual Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment and debrief

  • Depicts how you perceive and experience your world when under stress versus when not under stress.
  • Targets the destructive patterns that are preventing individuals from living to their full potential.
  • Develop a strategy to move towards.


1.5 days in-person training (11 hours) you will learn:

  • Coaching skills and tools to help you engage and inspire your team or clients.
  • Discover how your beliefs and patterns are keeping you from being the leader you are meant to be.
  • How to show up as the inspiring leader you truly are.
  • How to guide individuals or teams through change in alignment with the organization’s vision.
  • Practice, practice, practice with real life situations.


4 x one-on-one coaching sessions (1 hour per session)

  • The goal is to help the leader integrate the material and help him/her master the new concepts, skills and tools.

Next program begins September 22nd, 2018 and runs for 6 weeks with a total of 15 hours of training


Save $200 if you enrol and pay in full by July 21st

Dramatically change your organization!