Change Revolution | How can we transform our lives?
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How can we transform our lives?

How can we transform our lives?

I have been working on myself since 2003 wanting to understand what is creating my current circumstances and letting go of who I am not so I can align myself with my essence.

Since 2009, I started intense inner work. I made “becoming the real me” a priority and a way of life. I have come to understand and realize that our soul only wants to emerge and be one with the Human us. It does not kick and screams like the ego. Instead, it waits patiently until you are ready to listen.

The conditioning and hold society has on us is keeping people from being/living happy lives. In general, people have the mindset that there is something wrong with them and end up in a never ending outwardly material pursuit spiral, spending all their life “doing” instead of “being”.

I realized that there is a process we go through when we become aware that something needs to change. There are different steps or stages the human mind needs to understand in order to move to the next stage and access a new level of transformation – no matter how evolved you are. As humans, we do not like change; we fear it because we do not understand it. Our mind is there to keep coherence between the unconscious programs and beliefs and our outer world. If we try to change our outer world but our programs stay the same, it creates a static form of self-sabotage or any other behavior that will bring coherence back with the deep unconscious programs and beliefs.

In my transformation process I started breaking down my thoughts, and feelings to understand what they were telling me. I paid attention and was VERY HONEST with myself. It brought me right to the core of my programming. I started doing the same thing with my clients and realized that the breaking down and understanding of what drives our behavior allows us to tie the dots and leads us to forgiveness. When we start understanding what brought us where we are at, we can open up to other possibilities and start moving forward in our transformation.

The brutal honesty and courage it requires to take full responsibility of our life – yes, I mean no blame game and no excuse!!! – sometimes requires someone objective by our side.  Someone who knows the process and who has the ability, knowledge and wisdom to accompany you. Someone who can call you on your bullshit, because yes, you will try to find all sorts of excuses to not look at what needs to be looked at.

The 5 Stages of Conscious Evolution was created to help individuals like you and I to consciously emerge as who we truly are. If you are ready, open and committed to the path, reach out.

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